French Institute for the Near East

Ifpo, the Institut français du Proche-Orient (French Institute for the Near East), is at the service of knowledge production on the societies of the Near-East with a focus on Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, the Palestinian Territories and Iraq. It covers all disciplines of the social sciences and the humanities, and all the periods from Prehistory to today.

Ifpo's three scientific departments (Contemporary Studies; Medieval, Arab and Modern Studies; Archaeology and History of the Antiquity) allow the institute to develop a vast array of partnerships with a view to producing knowledge as a common and shared endeavour between the researchers at the Institute, scholars in the societies that host Ifpo, and the rest of the scientific community.

By making the production of its researchers openly accessible on the site of Hal-SHS, Ifpo hopes to increase its regional and international visibility. Systematic dissemination of summaries or research papers in English and Arabic (the latter now being accepted on this open archive) is expected to increase the transparency of Ifpo's research mandate in its regional environment and to foster a more systematic interaction with the global scientific community.